Monday, March 16, 2015

March Currently

So you don't think I fell off the face of the earth here is my March Currently. I hate excuses. I hate hearing them from my students, family members, and most of all I hate coming up with excuses for myself. So here is an explanation - not an excuse of why I haven't been around for the past few weeks. So the first week of March I was in a car accident - not bad but I have been having some pain related to it that has stopped me from keeping up on my blog! So there it is. I am starting physical therapy later this week so I am making myself catch up and stay updated on my blog and TPT!

Today I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for her March Currently.

Listening - When I get home from school I always throw on ABC Family - I'm not sure what it is but it just seems so relaxing to me.

Loving - Check out a few of the products I have recently posted - More posts on them to come!

Thinking - See my rant above :)

Wanting - A KEEP CUP! I have become obsessed with these even though I don't own one yet. I am thinking of ordering one on amazon here. I fell in love after seeing Jen from Organized Jen post about it on Instagram.

Needing - I need to purge tons of material things - Maybe a project for spring break. I have WAAAYYYY too many clothes!

Spring Break Plans - The puppy is staying home with me over the break. Here's an updated picture!

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  1. Hi Nicole! I am a new teacher as well. I don't have my classroom yet and just started substitute teaching. Wishing you luck as a newbie!

    Marina V
    Creative Minds in Education

  2. You have a very good excuse to be late to the party. I am so glad that you were not seriously hurt. I am late because my mom had a stroke. What a scare! She has recovered completely and is back to work. Have a great week!
    Grade 4 Buzz