Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Spelling Homework Debacle

Over the break from school - which has been lovely I might add! - I decided that I should get some planning done for next week. I have been wanting to create a system for testing spelling words that works well, is easy, and holds students accountable. Introducing the Weekly Spelling Homework Packet!

STEP 1: The Pretest
First of all, I love this part of the packet! I like to be able to have this data to be able to see growth (basically who studied and who didn't). I give the pretest on Monday at the beginning of the day - it takes about 10 minutes start to finish. I then go back through and write the correct spelling of the words next to the ones students get wrong. This allows parents to see what needs to be practiced.

I found it to become increasingly FRUSTRATING that students who could preform better on spelling tests were simply not motivated to practice. My solution? - sign a contract, check off the days, become accountable, and gain some life skills along the way! Now, this may seem over kill (as I use these packets in 1st Grade) but hear me out. Let's look at the "contract" - the blue square above is enlarged below. The contract allows students to track their work throughout the week and the signature from them and an adult at home reinforces the accountability. Talking about accountability - do you know how many times a week I hear "My mom forgot my folder."? - It drives me CRAZY! Yet again another reason for the "contract" I think that this is the best solution to this problem. What do you think?

Next, my students needed all materials supplied so I began creating the pages for all of the activities that can be chosen throughout the week. All of these pages are included in the packet that goes home with the students on Monday after the pretest is graded. Check out all the activities the students can complete throughout the week! I get bored and I wanted choices for the students so here they are!

If you are interested in getting this packet for your own classroom head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and check it out! I am thinking about creating 3 other back pages to allow for more change throughout the year - what do you think? How do you work with your spelling or high frequency words through homework or in the classroom?

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