Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale & Task Card Talk!

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day tomorrow I am hosting a sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Head on over and check it out - Everything is 20% off! 
I have been creating a TON of new products this weekend! One thing that I have really been focusing on and been uploading frequently to my TPT store is task card packs. I recently have discovered these beauties from various bloggers and TPT sellers and decided to create a bunch of my own that I could use in my classroom.

This blog led me to see how huge your card collection can grow!

Seriously check out this post 

From Flip Books to Task Cards... This is How We Do It!!

But the best piece of information I gained was the link to Pro Teachers - Now this is a free site, but you do have to sign up with an e-mail that you can access to activate your account. After you activate the ideas and free task cards are ENDLESS! Seriously - You need to dedicate a good hour to look through the materials - then time to make your own... or you could spend your whole Sunday downloading, creating, and searching like me :) 
Here is the link to the task card list that Heather from Working 4 the Classroom shares - it is the absolute best! Pro Teacher Task Card List (by subject area and topic)

There will be a post on these soon so I won't talk too long but I do want to say that the packs are all in black and white. - I did this to save on ink as printing is limited in my school district and black ink is cheaper! Here's an example from the Make a List pack.

I will print out each of these packs on different colored paper and laminate. Hopefully this will work for you too. In the meanwhile here are just three of the most recent sets I made. 


The sale is on currently and will run through Monday night at midnight. I hope everyone enjoys their well earned day off tomorrow! 

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