Wednesday, April 15, 2015

30 Minute ELA Centers!

Hi everyone! I wanted to give a little look into some 30 minute ELA centers that I use from time to time. I tutor a class of 20 first graders after school Monday-Thursday. We only have one hour together so I have to improvise if I want to use centers. I do have the luxury of having 2 wonderful aids in my classroom during that time who are both GREAT with all of the students. That being said, these centers could also be implemented on your own. 
We have been working on acrostic poems for the past 2 days. Here's our anchor chart we made together! Everyone loved writing about cake - YUM!
We started writing them with our first names but I noticed the students were really struggling coming up with describing words and completing them independently. That meant today was center day. This way I could meet in small groups with all my lovelies and really solidify their understanding.
Introducing 30 minute centers! I set up three groups and each center goes for 10 minutes. I usually give myself about 35 minutes to get all the groups done so we have some wiggle room and time for transitions. Here's what the introduction looks like.

I go over each center and explain then I assign students numbers. What ever number they get is the center they start with. They learn quickly that they must listen and remember their number or they will end up lost! Great way to reinforce those listening skills :) If my kids don't know their number I have them ask the two people next to them what their numbers were to find out theirs.

Typically two of the centers are independent centers and one is with me to work on those skills that need refining - today's case was our poems. 

Here's an example of an independent center.

Here's the center my aid did with them but could also be independently. They were brainstorming adjectives to help out with their poem writing. (They were getting stuck here yesterday). Now I have this beautiful anchor chart that everyone added to!!!

And by the end of centers everyone had gotten a really solid start on their poems and left feeling much more confident. Check out this one. I love the line, Oh, Miss M. :)

Hope this helped any of you strapped for time but still want to implement centers! 
Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your anchor chart! I am always looking for new anchor chart ideas for our poetry unit!

    I love your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Neat Sweet & Hard to Beat