Sunday, August 9, 2015

Student Data Binder

Today I wanted to share with you a look at my student data binder! It is currently available in my store sold by itself. If you are interested in buying the binder it is $3 and available HERE. It will also be available in a back to school bundle very soon!!
I really liked the way the video option worked for my teacher planner so I went ahead and made another for this Student Data Binder. So here we go; check it out below.

For those of you who would like another closer look or prefer a picture walkthrough rather than a video here's another look.

I keep multiple copies of the methane ELA checklists in the back of my binder in protective sleeves. When I assess a student I keep the most recent checklist in the pocket of their divider. When I re assess I then hole punch the older checklists and keep them behind the divider. 

The following two photos are part of the Family Communication binder pack that is only available in the Back to School bundle on my TPT store (available soon). In the pack there is also a binder cover but I chose to include it in my data binder since I am working with Kinders the first part of this year and I won't have to anythings to keep track of in terms of assessments. I plan to hole punch these sheets and put them directly behind each students' pocket divider.

I love these! In fact my whole school loves them! I introduced them in my first grade classroom last year and now K-2 uses them exclusively for behavioral issues. I did not make these but you can get them HERE for free! (Scroll to bottom of the post) When I have a student fill one of them out I make a copy and send the original home. This year I plan to put my copy behind the student's divider tab. Read her blog post here to find out more information about this wonderful tool!

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